All Mammut products are protected by limited 2 years warranty

All Mammut's products are produced under toughest Swiss standard, and under full inspection and testing.

If within 2 years of purchase, your Mammut products (with purchase price above HK$1,000) are broken or fail to work as expected, you may return your product together with the original receipt to a Mammut shop (not dealers) and our customer service staff members will arrange possible repair or exchange of products to your request.

Exclusion clauses:-
a.   Mammut's limited 2 years warranty does not apply to items purchased from Mammut Warehouse (items with 30% discount or above).
b.   Mammut's limited 2 years warranty does not apply to natural wear-off (like shoes after walking, ropes after usage & water tight rubber zipper etc) & improper use
c.   Mammut's limited 2 years warranty ONLY applies to products sold from official dealers listed in this web site, as Mammut could not verify the source of products from other retailers which are NOT listed in our official web site